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Every 24 hours, at the stroke of midnight GMT, our anagram generator creates a new puzzle. Sometimes it will be easy, sometimes intermediate and once a week it will be very difficult. Everyone all over the world is playing the same puzzle. We keep stats on how long it took everyone to solve the daily anagram, so you can see how you compare to the rest of the world, we even have a country by country breakdown of the winners.

World Wide Anagram Action
Word Game
Increase Your Brain Capacity

Playing word games can increase your verbal IQ by up to 10 points. Additionally you will learn new words, solutions include dictionary definitions. If you cannot solve an anagram check in the following day for the solution.

Puzzle Game
Perfect for Toilet Stops

Typically players complete in under 3 minutes, excepting the one day a week when the puzzle is difficult, perfect for those lost moments - waiting in line or on the toilet.

Super simple, check out this 30 second intro and you are ready to go....


Hint Feature


After 90 seconds a hint feature is enabled, which you may, or may not wish to use. The hint feature gives a clue, sometimes a cryptic clue, sometimes a definition, that will help you solve the anagram.


Anagram Word Puzzle
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Download for iOS and Android, be sure to ENABLE PUSH MESSAGES for the app, so that you can get your daily reminder.


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Anagram Puzzle


Daily Anagram - Word Puzzle
Daily Anagram - Anagram Word Game
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