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This word game is slightly more complex, somewhere between scrabble and a crossword, the idea is you use your tiles to play a series of words from the red start squares to the blue finishing squares. All words included in our English dictionary are allowed. There are often many possible solutions to each puzzle, it is quite possible that a puzzle could have over 10,000 unique solutions.n see them all there if you missed one.


A video is worth 1,000 words...


Word Game
From Easy to Super Difficult

A puzzle set or "journey" contains multiple levels of puzzles - complete the easy ones to advance to the harder levels. Some journeys contain very difficult puzzles. If you find run-of-the-mill word games undemanding, there may be something here that challenges you.



Word Game

Solutions are scored because as in scrabble the letters have point values, boards also contain double letter, double word, triple letter and triple word squares.


Completing the puzzle in the fewest moves also scores a bonus. High scoring solutions get the gold star, the threshold is typically set pretty high.

Some puzzles have a hint available, some puzzles have example solutions, these example solutions are typically lower scoring solutions.

The puzzle also publishes how many players attempted it, how many completed and how many completed above the gold star threshold.


Word Game


A journey is a self-contained set of puzzles. Puzzles within a journey are organised into levels, completing easier levels is required to unlock harder levels.

Some journeys are thematic, some are not, some are easy, some are much more difficult. There is a description of each journey beore you start.






There are written instructions - but seriously does anyone ever read those? Two tutorial journeys are included, so you can learn while playing.



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